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The cartoon to the left is 1 of 50 "Lateral Thinking Puzzle Cartoons" I have created. The objective is to publish a book with all 50 puzzles, 1 on each page with a short hint to help the reader discern the idiom or phase being suggested. All proceeds from the book will be donated to Alzheimer's research.


Research shows that mental mobility and brain neurobics help fend off the effects of this terrible disease. Over the past two summers, I have seen first hand the effects of Alzheimer's on my family. Sandra Duzak, my step-aunt was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. Those families that have been touched by this disease can attest to the detrimental effects it has on the family unit. 


This project will not cure the disease, however it can help raise awareness and donations for increases in understanding it. 


Relevant Coursework


 Consumer Behavior: A

 Creativity, Imagination & Entrepreneurship: A

 Financial Aspects of Entrepreneurial Ventures: A-

 Human Resource Management: B+

 Entrepreneurship in Complex Organizations: A

 Ethics, Law, & Business: A+

 Cyberlaw: A

 New Ventures: A-